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Heritage Hills

Heritage Hills Portfolio

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Heritage Hills



Sometimes simplicity creates the best curb appeal.
The owners
of this Heritage Hills home, which is situated on a
cu-de-sac, wanted their focal point property to be
more colorful and inviting. The existing front yard
was linear and lacked a natural flow. It also contain-
ed a considerable amount of shade-covered areas,
which proved to be an asset as shade-loving yards
can result in some of the most elegant gardens designs.

Heritage Hills
Heritage Hills

Originally, two Vanderwolf pines stood on either side of the front door, dominating the entrance.
To open up the space
and create a more dramatic and appealing entryway these pines were transplanted to another part of the garden. The existing garden bed lines were pulled
out and expanded to allow a natural curve that complemented the driveway. Shade perennials
were chosen based on color and texture to
accentuate the symmetry of the design. These
border beds were planted with a mixture of lively colored impatiens to brighten the shady garden
and draw attention to the entrance.


Heritage Hills
Heritage Hills
Heritage Hills

For a welcoming and eye catching entry,
two large, frost
free planters were placed on either side of the
doorway and filled with tropical plants and annuals.
The underutilized window box was revived with
layers of annuals. Adding Pyramidal Boxwoods
and dwarf Alberta Spruces brought formality to
the design as well as year round interest.

A Saucer Magnolia was planted to the left side
of the bed to add height and create a focal point.
This beautiful tree was chosen for the visual and
textural interest of its wavy, white structural
branches. With Saucer-like blooms in the late
spring and glossy green leaves in the summer,
this Magnolia provided the perfect touch to this
warm and charming home.

Heritage Hills