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Natural Portfolio

We're privileged to work
with a wonderful array of people on their garden
and landscape projects.


Some of the best gardens are those that grow over time, setting roots.
In 2002, Stonegate Gardens took over gardens maintenance on this four plus acre property and since have shaped, enhanced and transformed many aspects of the garden through maintenance and design. The biggest transition being
that of the back yard.

After the installation of a pool, a garden retreat surrounding the adjacent area was in the making.


A Flagstone patio was laid for entertaining and relaxing just steps away.
Ground covers were added to help with the reflective heat and soften edges. A curved raised bed made of moss rock was the next step in enclosing the space making it feel more intimate.

Adding Evergreens as a backdrop for privacy adds another level of layering and reduces the scale. Flagstone set in the grass makes a smooth transition from the pool to the new seating area.


Using groups of perennials massed together creates a harmonious flow
of bold colors that can be seen from the
main floor terrace. Grouping boldly planted
pots around the pool brings out the colors
of the perennials adding the finishing touch
to this relaxing retreat.