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Lowery Portfolio

We're privileged to work
with a wonderful array of people on their garden
and landscape projects.


The owners of the newly developed Lowery area needed to shade their patio
from the summer heat They also wanted an
elegant, relaxing entertaining space. Addressing
these concerns, a custom pergola was built to
cover their patio, which created a welcoming
outdoor room and provided shade. The pergola
was stained rich, chocolate brown to complement
the home's exetrior. The patio's existing cement
pad was stained dark-brown, as well, to help
absorb some of the reflective heat and blend with
its pergola counterpart.


Two raised beds were constructed from beautiful, natural brown stone to add
height, compliment the pergola and showcase the
water feature. The elegant water feature was
perfectly placed atop square-cut flagstone in a half
moon raised bed off the patio. Water added another level of sophistacted beauty to this outdoor living
space and it's soothing sound can be heard from
inside the house as well.

The homeowners decorated thier outdoor room
with personal accents, such as candles, co-ordinating furniture pieces and custom Sunbrella curtains,
which can be closed to create privacy and intimacy.
The result is a lovely outdoor retreat.