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English Garden

English Garden Portfolio

We're privileged to work
with a wonderful array of people on their garden
and landscape projects.

Modern and English gardens are wonderful examples of how beautiful gardens can become works of art. The homeowners of this Denver square wanted a functional, inviting, and memorable garden for their up comming wedding. An English garden with it's imaginative arrangements added the right touch of artistry, formality, romance and symmetry.

A custom iron gate
was added
to match the existing fence. This quintessential
English detail has been used for centuries to create
allure and intrigue, signifying that something special waits inside the gate.

English Garden
English Garden

The raised brick garden terrace
was a great starting point for the
entrance. The existing garden was removed, except
for the boxwood hedge that would later be shaped
to frame the new garden sections. By recycling some
of the existing flagstone and cutting it into square, the entryway evolved into it's own work of art, creating a mosiac threshold and a perfect spot to stop and savor
all that the garden offered. The flagstone pathways leading to both sides of the yard were used to balance the two sides of the garden, creating a cohesive design.

English Garden
English Garden

Strong ground patterns and plant material were used to create distinctive areas, drawing the eye across the garden and making the terrace seem larger. All plant material was percisely placed and chosen for textural and bloom time to provide year round interest. The home owners choose an organic stone bird bath as a focal point, adding a whimsical, personal touch.

A fragrant tea rose garden was planted on the left side of the garden. A row of lavender added to the hint of fragrance. A bench, to be added later in the front, was both to invite one to linger in front of the rose garden and create a focal point to compilment the bird bath. The existing planters were filled with aromatic herbs and summer annuals for color and textrure. The colors were chosen to compliment the theme of the owners special event.