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Urban Tuscan

Urban Tuscan Portfolio

We're privileged to work
with a wonderful array of people on their garden
and landscape projects.

When designing small gardens in tight areas, it's important to make the most out of every inch of space. This Cherry Creek town house presented challenges with a very long and narrow front yard and a small patio tucked around the corner, off an alley. The bold architecture of the hand-carved door and the colors of the home determined the garden style.

The goal was to carry this architectural theme into the patio, so it would seamlessly compliment the rest of the home.

To add height and color to each side of the tall entry stairs, small stone pedestals were assembled and rich, deep brown planters were set on top. Colorado buff square-cut flagstone, used for the pathways added a
sense of direction and made it easier to navigate around the narrow yard. The perennials and evergreens shrubs were hand-selected to "pop" against the rustic tone of the homes exterior defining each space.


The custom-built arbor
adds height to the patio.

It also adds character and provides privacy.

The antique bench serves as a focal point while the
tile on the garden's bench heightens the colors of the perennials that surround it

The patio planters, filled with brilliant blue jumpers,
help with reflective heat and glare. The end result maximized the use of the outdoor living space,
creating an intimate place to enjoy a morning