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Leslie Ebert's

Colorado is a great place
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Leslie Ebert

Leslie Ebert

A true Colorado native, Leslie is inspired by her beautiful surroundings and passionate about art. She has been drawing and creating ever since she could hold a crayon. As she grew, her interests turned to sculpting, painting, and illustration. While studying Art and Graphic Design at the University of Southern Colorado, Leslie won awards for her illustrations. She had no idea that her artistic talent and love of art history would eventually influence her ability to design beautiful gardens and landscapes.

Leslie Ebert
Leslie Ebert






After landing what she thought would be her dream job, she soon discovered she disliked sitting at a desk all day. On a friend's recommendation, she decided to take an entry-level summer job working for a Denver landscaping company. She ended up falling in love with working outdoors and the creative and physical aspects of the job made it a perfect fit.

Leslie Ebert
Elephant Statue





She spent five years with the landscaping company, honing her skills in every area of the business and learning the ins and outs of the trade. Over time, Leslie would work for several landscape companies in the Denver metro area, experiencing different business styles at each one. Throughout her career, she earned a reputation for her meticulous attention to the details of maintenance, her artistic touch with different styles of pruning, and her ability to be a strong leader and teacher in the field.

Water feature




In 2001, Leslie was finally ready to branch out and Stonegate Gardens Inc. was born and in 2012, parting with the president of the company, going out on her own, creating Stonegate Gardens Corp.


Applying her finely tuned artistic sensibility to each project, Leslie now creates aesthetically unique, award-winning landscape designs, several of which have been published in books and magazines. Her vast knowledge of plants ranges from annuals and perennials to tropics, oriental’s and trees, enabling her to create designs that are as practical as they are beautiful. Where others see obstacles, she sees possibilities.

Leslie Ebert
Stonegate Gardens Logo Design






Even as the owner of a thriving business, Leslie takes a very hands-on approach to design. Don't be surprised if you see her in the field getting her hands dirty or capturing the beauty of a landscape with her camera. In fact, all of the photos on this website were taken by Leslie on her clients’ properties. Even the custom logo and the website itself were designed by Leslie; when she has a vision, she sees it all the way through.

Yokel Pia Grass




Leslie is also invested in her community by volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, and at her last home, running a CSA right from her own front yard. Harvesting enough produce to support over 20 shares to families. Helping people buy fresh organic produce directly from the farmer.


Not only does Leslie enjoy Running a successful landscape company but also raising a her son. Cooper, who some day said he will take over the family business.
We will see!

Community Farm
Cutting Weeds