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Design for the
way you live


and Approachable

Yellow Flowers


From the start, we ask questions.
What's your wish list of colors, textures and styles?
Will children be running and playing around the garden?
Is a water feature, patio, pathways or meditation
bench part of your vision? How will this space best
suit your needs? Is it for relaxing, entertaining or rejuvenating your existing landscape?

Meet our designer

Leslie Ebert

Front Yard
Garden Patio

Garden Design
isn't an abstract
idea to us. It's an Art form rooted in years of
practical experience.


Working our hands in the soil has taught us
that every planter, flower, tree or shrub must
fit perfectly in the design to create cohesive


We don't discriminate on garden size.

Flagstone Path
Flagstone Path

We hand select every element

Plant colors and textures add depth, elegance and
visual diversity to every garden.

Statuary or water elements introduce another layer
of richness and uniqueness.

Stepping stones, benches and pergolas invite you
to linger among the flowers and shrubs.

Fire pits create a cozy gathering place to enjoy your garden through out the season.





We create outdoor living spaces
that are both functional and elegant,
to fit your budget and needs, whether large or small.

Design fee is based on size of project and can
range from $85, $150, $250, to $3000.

Consultations are billed at $85 per hour for ongoing projects or inspirational ideas for your yard.

Flagstone Patio