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Fall Clean Up

Annual Fall Yard Clean Up

• Properly cut down perennials and grass for next spring.
• Clean up leaves in flowerbeds and lawn.
• Haul any broken branches from winter snow storms.
• Complete work in a timely manner.


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City Park

The southern courtyard style garden
in this city Park
West home was inspired by the owner's trip to Savannah, GA. They wanted a warm and inviting to entertain family and friends. With several dogs in their household, they needed a
pet-proof landscape as well.

The first stage of this project included building a two story
deck with wrapped stairs. A rich Brazilian hardwood was chosen
for it's ability to stand up to heavy foot and paw traffic. White columns were used to blend with the home's Dutch Colonial architecture. Adding a table and chairs a chandelier, and plants
made this the perfect outdoor dinning area.

Southern Courtyard Style
Rock Wall

To address dog traffic, the garden was intentionally comprised of 90% hardscape.
This was creatively done
with raised planting beds, patios, walkways,
synthetic turf, ornamental iron and stone.

To acquire the Savannah look, wrought iron was
used to both protect the planting bed from common areas and to evoke a feeling of its courtyard charm.
A water feature, as the main focal point, was constructed in the style of an elegant reflective pond.
It's ledge rests are a perfect height to sit and gaze at
the colorful water lilies and abundant koi fish. A
stainless steel back splash maximizes the ponds
reflective qualities when lit up at night.


Rock Wall

Southern charm rings true in this City Park West garden where artistry mingles with functionality to create an elegant and livable sanctuary.

Stone, as well as iron, lends a sense of timelessness
and permanence. Each rasied bed was veneered with real stone. Different shades of flagstone were hand picked and cut to bring out the slightly different hues
of the individual pieces. The custom wooden arbor,
over the pond, will be adorned with beautiful winding vines.