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Design for the
way you live

Protect and enhance

your investment

Lavender Flowers


Our garden and lawn maintenance service is great
for people who love gardens but lack the time or knowledge required to keep them lush and lively.
It's a smart way to protect your investment, ensure
the health of your plants, shrubs, lawn and trees and
get the best out of every season.





Our staff takes pride
in their work!

Maintenance Service

We take great care in selecting our crew members
and provide ongoing training. Any questions can
be answered by our foreman. Our clean, friendly, uniformed staff securely attend to your property.

They carefully inspect your landscape, looking
for anything out of the ordinary, such as broken branches from a wind storm, aphids on foliage
and dry spots in your lawn or garden caused by
broken irrigation heads.

Old School Mowing





We are a

100% organic

company. We

use no pesticides

or chemicals.



Aeration and Seeding
Yellow Flowers




Our supervisor routinely checks your property to ensure
your home or business maintains the quality look
of Stongate Gardens service.

Your garden reflects the quality of our work and
we have high expectations for every garden we
design and maintain.

Property Checks

From the beginning, we have always been
an eco-friendly company.

We recycle plant containers and annual flats
through our wholesalers. Maintenance crews
use electric blowers when possible to help reduce emissions and all paper products are recycled.
Our maintenance schedule is precisely mapped
out to ensure efficient drive time, decreasing truck emissions and gas use.

Eco Friendly