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Design for the
way you live

A garden without its statue
is like a sentence without its verb
- Joseph W. Beach

Garden Ornamentation

Garden Ornamentation

Garden decor accentuates your landscape design,
generates year-round interest and sets your garden
apart from others.

We pay as much attention to garden decor as we
do creating your landscape design, hand selecting
your plants and maintaining your garden.

Garden accessories
create focal
points that can guide you through your garden with
ease or can help divert attention from unwanted

Metal Bench

Enhance the flow
of your outdoor living space with garden decor.


Your sense of style.
you're drawn to a hand-crafted sculpture from
a local artisan or a simple stone bird bath, your ornamental decor should appeal to your sense
of style and effortlessly flow with your home,
flowers and other features in your garden.


Decor elements.
Choose from a
vast array of functional and aesthetically pleasing
decor elements to create the right mood, such as
statues, chandeliers, outdoor lighting, trellises,
obelisks, benches, urns, planters, arbors, fire pits
and more.

We seek out antiques or reproductions, scour
garden stores, scull through catalogs and visit
local artisans searching for the right unique touch
to your garden.