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Design for the
way you live

Enhance the visual flow of

your outdoor living space

Lavender Flowers

Signature Planters

Brimming with blossoms, pots and containers
are the perfect accent to any home or commercial landscape. We help our clients select the right
containers to maximize style or budget. We hand
pick lush and healthy annuals according to your
personal color palette to create a stunning display
of color and textures. To keep planters looking
their best, our team feeds and dead-heads your
annuals, enhancing the return on your investment.

Maintenance Service
Maintenance Service

We work with Realtors to help sell homes quickly

Beautifully arranged planters can immediately
enhance the curb appeal and appearance of your
home to "show well" when you are putting your
home or business on the market.

Sprucing up your garden or patio can be a low-cost investment that can go a long way towards getting
you top dollar when selling your property.

Maintenance Service
Maintenance Service
Maintenance Service
Old School Mowing

What makes for a Stonegate Gardens Signature Planter?

Fifteen years of experience working with a variety
of annuals.

Always looking for new and unusual plant material.

Using our artistic touch to marry textures and colors
for amazing results.

Our dedication to making sure your planters look
their very best.


Garden containers
come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be a vital part of your garden design.

Aeration and Seeding
Yellow Flowers
Yellow Flowers