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Design for the
way you live

Enjoy the soothing

serenity of water

Stylish Modern Water Feature

Water features
add a fresh sensory dimension to your garden.

The soothing sound of a pond, waterfall or fountain can compliment the rich colors of any landscape. Water features may also help to diminish traffic noise and are a great focal point for outdoor entertaining.

Water Feature

We start by zeroing in on what type of water feature best fits your needs.
Do you prefer the calming sounds of a wall fountain, the cascading flow of a water fall or the quiet ripplels of a classic reflective pond.

Water Decor
Modern Waterfall Feature

Enhance your pond with colorful koi and water plants.

Koi fish date back to early China, but Japan's loyalty to the fish have made them legendary. Not only do they help maintain the natural balance of your ponds eco-system but have a long life span and are soothing to watch.

Koi Pond
Water Lily

Water lilies are the most popular water plants for ponds because
they are as hardy
and resilient as they are beautiful. Their blossoms
unfold during the day and close again each evening.
Like Koi, water lilies go dormant during the cold
winter and become active once more in the spring, making them very easy to care for.

Water Lilies